When you’re traveling, no matter how long or short the journey, comfort is always the key factor when it comes to choosing your outfit. Be it celebrities or the girl next door, everyone wants a fuss free yet chic look. Something that doesn’t make them look like they’ve come straight out of bed! There are various factors involved when it comes to perfecting the airport look, but it totally depends on what you feel confident and comfortable in. This blog breaks down a few key pieces from our airwear collection that is perfect for any trip. The 4-way stretch provides maximum mobility (even if it means running to catch your flight/train/bus) and the seamless construction feels soft on your skin. The sweat absorption technology ensures you stay dry and fresh, no matter the duration of your journey. So take a look and invest in one (or all) of these versatile pieces today-


Tank Top

C9 Airwear Tank


C9 Airwear Tights

Track Pant

C9 Airwear Track Pant


C9 Airwear T-shirt

Denim Capri

C9 Airwear Denim Capri

Flared Jegging

C9 Winter Wear