We all have sworn by that one Monday when we would hit the gym right on time and burn off those extra calories and get into shape. But honestly, that Monday never arrived! So it’s time that we ditch those comfy pyjamas and get into those gym leggings to strike off the fit body goals in 2018 from the list. According to research, you are more likely to exercise when you are looking and feeling your best in the outfit. With activewear gaining popularity among youth, a lot of brands have put in extra effort in designing this range. So say goodbye to your old t-shirts and baggy exercise leggings and bring in some cool activewear in your wardrobe.

 C9 AirWear has designed a range of apparels, which not just fit well but also empower you and inspire you to believe that you can do a million pushups (well dramatically). It’s time to stop working out in those unmatched clothes and get your body something better. And what’s better than C9! A brand that gives you apparels designed with the latest AirWear technology along with a lot of colour variants at a price that fits your budget.

Here are a few must-haves from our store that helps you to flaunt those curves and look fashionable at the same time.

1- Sports bra: You don’t need diet pills, slimming drinks or weight loss gadgets; all you need is running shoes, a sports bra and determination.  A sports bra is an essential element in your workout. Wearing a well-fitted sports bra adds comfort to your workout and enables easy functioning. Choosing the right sports bra can be a tedious task, so we have brought you a few picks from our collection. (Insert picture) .Here, the sports bras are made out of breathable fabric that quickly dry off the moisture and are seamless. This seamless design ensures a perfect fit with welt free band, which leaves no marks on the skin. With 4- way stretch ability, we ensure you maximum comfort throughout the day. Shop your favourite bras in the link below. (insert link to site)

Sports Bra

2- Tank tops:  Flaunt your curves with a finely fitted tank top, which eases your body movement. We have designed tank tops from micro fabric which come along with a seamless design that reduces chafing while working out. Also, these tank tops are designed in racer backs, which ensure maximum mobility, and quickly dry off the moisture. We have got you covered to hide that extra fat, with targeted power zones in these tank tops that flatten your tummy, waistline and back. Splurge some more on the colourful tank tops from the house of C9 (insert link and image).

Tank Tops

3- Leggings:  Are you still wearing those pyjamas to the gym? It’s high time you invest in some good leggings. A pair of leggings are a must-have because who likes uncomfortable and loosely fitted pyjamas on the leg days? Your legs deserve some love ladies. We have designed leggings from polyamide that are light in weight, allow breathability and easy blood circulation. With 4- way stretch ability, now you don’t have to worry about the malfunctions. Workout freely in C9 leggings was comfort meets fashion. Also, we kept your love for colours in mind, so experience the new chic look.


4- T-shirts:  Have you taken the boyfriend t-shirts for granted and worn them to the gym, thinking it is just the gym? Well, it’s time you quit it because choosing the right t-shirt for the gym is equally important. T-shirts may cause awkward situations when they are too short or too long. You will either end up showing your belly or it may cause discomfort while falling from the shoulders. We have kept in mind the right length of t-shirt required while working out and designed them with latest AirWear technology, which allows you to breathe through the fabric and is light on the body. It dries off the excess moisture and keeps you fresh. We have incorporated a range of simple as well as some printed t-shirts for you. Team it with slim fit leggings and you are ready to kill the gym look. 


5- Capris: Well not everyone is a legging person, some like to keep it short! So for the                     “keep it short” we have brought to you a range of Capris that just fit right. Now stop worrying about the knee ball formation in your capris, because we have designed slim fit  Capris, which fit well with your shape and enable maximum blood flow and flexibility. We have kept in mind that “black turns boring” after a while and designed printed capris that boosts a sense of style within you and allows you to experiment.


And for the lazy heads who hate browsing and selecting the right shades and patterns for the outfit, we have designed gym suits in trending colours that match your personality and gets you on the go. ( please insert link to gym combo looks from the site) So all you have to do is just get ready and hit the gym and we have got rest assured! Shop the looks in the link below