Given the current premise of COVID-19, you are bound to feel anxious or scared even. The pandemic has taken a toll on our bodies and mental well being. One can often find themselves in a situation surrounded by bad news which ultimately leads to negative thoughts and it’s crucial to channel that negative energy out of your body. How you may do that? Yoga. This ancient practice has so much more to offer apart from just toning your body and making it flexible. It can help improve mental health and in fact, all aspect of our lives as well.


  1. Practicing yoga helps lower tension and promotes relaxation
  2. It regulates our breath
  3. Trains us to accept discomfort
  4. Fosters self-acceptance and bodily awareness


Yoga, when practiced correctly, can do wonders for your inner self, making you feel more aware and present and taking control of your body. Don’t hit the mat without our top picks: